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PRA June-July 2016
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As the medical devices industry gets more sophisticated, its advancement is aided by medical grade plastics
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    Silicone: a hit for medical applications
    Silicone stands out in medical applications, owing to its suitable properties, including biocompatibility to human tissue , resistance to bacteria and corrosion, sterilisability, and being odourless , tasteless and non- reactive t o other materials, says Angelica Buan in this report. The global demand for silicone, projected to be worth US$21 billion by 2021, is supported by advancing medical technologies... more image
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    Manufacturing: China’s market presents opportunities
    Industry 4.0 is transforming Europe’s traditional manufacturing business into a data-driven level as well as inspiring China, with its Made-in- China plan, and encouraging Asia to catch up, says Angelica Buan. Industry 4.0 taps into the wonders of the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect small and medium-sized companies more efficiently in global production and innovation networks for efficiently engaging... more image
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    Glove Sector: Buoyant prospects and overcoming challenges
    Industry developments offer Malaysian glove makers to expand amid the challenges, while the clampdown on powdered gloves by the US FDA will see a switch to non-powdered ones, says Angelica Buan in this report. Global demand for rubber gloves is strong. Indian market research firm Koncept Analytics says that with improved healthcare awareness, progressive emphasis on healthcare regulations and... more image
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  • Chinaplas 2016: China’s market presents opportunities
    China’s economy may have slowed down, and even though domestic demand for machines declined by 5%, according to the China Plastics Machinery Industry Association, companies interviewed at Chinaplas in Shanghai were bullish about the injection moulding machinery (IMM) sector. Since the country is no longer a “low cost” production workshop, higher quality is expected in the plastics processing sector. Thus... more image

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